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All Sizes Love Green Dog Chic!

To many, the first thing that comes to mind when you mention pet clothing are teacup breeds in dresses and other outerwear. But we've met many large dogs in our travels that thoroughly enjoy dressing up!

Penelope, a large Great Pyrenees, does a lot of work with children & elderly people. Many automatically assume she is a male due to her size, so her owners decided she needed a feminine wardrobe to set them all straight! Everyone who encounters Penelope now recognizes that she is a beautiful female!!! 

Green Dog Chic will happily outfit any size pet you have! Simply refer to our sizing guide for instructions on providing measurements for your custom apparel.

Sizing Guide

Green Dog Chic offers ready to wear costumes, accessories & other ensembles. In addition, I can also custom design an outfit made just for your pet. Here's a sizing guide for custom orders:

A - Neck: Around the base of the neck
B - Length: Measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail along the back bone
C - Waist Forward: Around the waist forward of the rib cage
D - Waist Girth: Around the waist at the end of the rib cage